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Factory direct sales of oil machineryWhy choose us?=================================================================================1.We are MIC Assessed 1 year Gold Supplier.2.We are a factory manufacturing edible oil machine,best production capability,best quality control, Best Service.3.Inspected by the Inspect

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Factory direct sales of oil machinery
Agricultural Machinery Mini Oil Refinery Machine Oil Refined Plant Oil Refining Machinery

Why choose us?
1.We are MIC Assessed 1 year Gold Supplier.
2.We are a factory manufacturing edible oil machine,best production capability,best quality control, Best Service.
3.Inspected by the Inspection Institution of Bureau Veritas Certification.
4.100% QC inspection Before Shippment.
5.ISO, CE listed,competitve price.

What is vegetable oil refining?
  Crude oil Extracted from press expellers or solvent extraction plant inevitably contains impurities. To make the oil edible, the impurities must be taken out; such a process is called "Refining" Oil refinery refers to a series of refining processes that can remove FFA, gums, waxes, phospholipids and free fatty acid (F. F.A.), pigment, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil. Vegetableoil refinery is necessary for vegetable oils & fats or animal oils & fats so they can be used for cooking and frying foods.

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Main Equipments in Small Oil Refinery Line
Heat Conduction Furnace: 1 set Offer enough thermo for the refining sections.
Steam Generator: 1 set  Produce steam for the workshop
Refining Pot: 2 sets  Remove the gum, phosphoric acid etc,
Decolorizing Pot: 1 set Remove the color from neutralized oil
Deodorizing Pot: 1 set Remove the solvent, smell, water from decolorized oil
Other Auxiliary Equipments: Hot water Tank, Bleaching earth Tank, Air compressor, pumps, filters, Valves, Electricity Control Cabinet, etc.

Agricultural Machinery Mini Oil Refinery Machine Oil Refined Plant Oil Refining Machinery

Products Range:

small oil press

mini oil refining machine

solvent oil extrcation production line machine

continuous oil press machine.

oil pump

seed cooker/seed roaster.

Applied Cereals:


What are the features of oil making machine?

1.Wide application for oil bearing seeds.
2.Change different oils easily.
3.Less investment but with full refining function.
4.Easy to install and operate.
5.Light weight and movable. 

What are the process of oil machinery?

Degumming: Remove gums in the crude oil to improve oil edibility, storage and do well to downstream neutralizing section.

Neutralizing: Remove Free-Fatty Acids (FFAs) with caustic soda (NaOH). Soap stock is generate in this process.

Decolorizing /Bleaching:  Remove color pigments contained in oils.

Deodorizing: Remove disagreeable flavor and odors that are naturally present or
created during processing under high temperature.

Dewaxing (Optional): Oils like sunflower oil or maize germ oil (corn oil) have waxes present in them. At low temperatures these waxes give a hazy appearance to the oil. So in extremely cold areas, dewaxing should take into accout when processing these oil seeds.

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Agricultural Machinery Mini Oil Refinery Machine Oil Refined Plant Oil Refining Machinery

Packaging and Shipping

1.  Delivery: Ship

2.  Port:  Qingdao,Wuhan,Shanghai

3.  Packaging Details: Plywood, international standard trade packing

4.  Payment: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram.

What can we do?


Ensure to timely provide complete sets of equipment and accessories. 


Ensure that one-time installation debugging acceptance. 


To provide high quality material with preferential price. 


Priority to provide customer our new craftworks and products. 


Free training technological operator to ensure the trained staff can operation independently.


In the installation process,we will appoint a installation supervision staff on the spot. 


Q1: What is the Warranty for the machines?
A1: 1 year for free.


Q2: What is the Material?
A2: Stainless steel and carbon steel.


Q3: When can I get the price?
A3: Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly call us.


Q4: Whether the machine price can be more discount?
A4: In general, our MOQ is 1set with very reasonable price, but if large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately give you a little discount.


Q5: How to ask quotation?
A5: Please note us what tpye of raw seeds , and how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day, then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.


Q6: Can we ask the oil plant for different types of oil?
A6: Yes, but we recommend no more than 3 different types.


Q7: Why need extraction?
A7: If only pressed, oil residue inside cake is very high at lease 6%. But after extraction, the oil residue will be less than 1%, which greatly increases the oil yield.


Q8: Vegetable oil plants require how large of a workspace? 
A8: The land area typically depends on the capacity of the plant. We can suggest an appropriate space to prepare after given specifications, or, can design the oil plant in-house specifically to the amount of workspace available.


Q9: How long will it take to receive my products?
A9: As a general rule, it will take one Month for us to produce.


Q10: Do you offer oversea installation?
A10: We'll send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.

Q11: Can I visit your factory to check the machines and talk with your engineer?
A11: Yes,of course,welcome for coming!!

How to contact us?
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Position:        Sales manager

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I will be always at your service.


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